Halo 4 3D settings are no where to be found?

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12 hours in and still cant access any 3D settings. Again no mention anywhere. Annoying. Since midnight last night and still after 12 hours , research on the internet, forums, disks..nothing..

Thanks 343 for the immediate frustration.

The Audio / Video setting have nothing, no mention anywhere to access 3D . System is set to 3D. 2 different 3D TV's..

Anyone have a link is appreciated?

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just did a quick google search, it appears it doesnt support 3d, sorry bud.

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Thanks man. The looks so cool at 240 MHz , so smooth, ..playing aniversery addition is beautiful in 3d. Was hoping Halo 4 had it in 3d.

pbest looking 360 game by far!

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^_^ i missed the post man maself, gota pick it up tomoz from the depo... gutted, sat here twiddlin ma thumbs