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Why are grenades toned down so much in this game?  Even the plasma grenades don't do a whole lot of damage anymore.


It's absolutely killing me.  Like my normal Halo game plan is all out of whack now cause I can't flush anybody out when they're corner strafing. Is anybody else suffering or is it just me?

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I agree,its like they toned down everything except the guns, I feel like I get shot with the DMR with 3 bullets and im down but it takes 2 sometimes 3 grenades to kill someone.
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Havent gotten the game. Thats sad to hear. Change whatever you want 343. But do NOT even contemplate f***ing with halos grenades. So.. lets say someones dumb enough to chase me around a corner. I chuck a grenade in said corner. It wont kill him?

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no it will probably bring shield down to half charge. fully if your lucky.