Giving away 21 double XP matches

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I dont have Halo 4 and have no intention of getting it but I do like Mt Dew and have already entered 7 codes into the website the first person who replies with their gamertag will get 11 matches and the 2nd person will get the remaining 10. If I get anymore codes I will post again. If it doesnt allow me to split them that way then first person will get 12 matches and 2nd will get 9 matches.
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Im about to go play COD Black Ops 2 I will check this a little later if there has only been 1 response I will give all matches to that person.
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Might as well take em off your hands. GT: me on a bad day
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if u send a reply on xbox live to my msg with just ok or something they are all yours
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still waiting on that reply bud
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If he didn't reply I'll take it, mosarmini is my gamertag!
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having trouble figuring out how to do this without friending someone on facebook....was a lot easier last year with mw3

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There's no way to do it without friending them... its easy once you friend them.
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You will need to, friend them on facebook in order to send them the games. It's the only way. I have done this.