Does the matchmaking match you to players of similair skill?

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I was destroying when I first started up multiplayer, but now it's nowhere near as easy. Either people just got better really fast or it matches you.


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Why don't you just look at other people's level while you're in matchmaking and see if they're near the same level as you?
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Because the level shown is based upon time played, not skill of the player. It doesn't take skill to gain experience in this game(well it could be arguedthat it does require some skill, but whatever).


I just want to know if there is a skill matching system similair to halo 3 or if I'm just getting progressively worse at halo.

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There is, it's called True Skill. They just implemented it recently I believe.
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I think I do, most of the time im doing great, there really hasn't been many games where i got my ass handed to me.If you don't play these games all the time, the people who don't have a life will keep playing and will be gods....COD im also talking to you.
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They aren't using TrueSkill, but they said they do have a formula for matching. Also, they said that for now they are not exposing it to the player as they are figuring out just in what ways they want to expose it down the line.