Anyone have a 14 day pass for my gf ?

#1 Posted by oaklawnplayboy (50 posts) -

im buying her xbox live on black friday but she doesnt have any right now and were trying to play halo online, if anyone could spare one i would appreciate it

#2 Posted by oaklawnplayboy (50 posts) -

even a two day pass will due 

#3 Posted by RedEnergy (831 posts) -

ya i have a 14 day pass for my pants!!!!!!!!!

#4 Posted by destinhpark (4756 posts) -

hey man, if you still need one ill give mine to you, i have no use for it. i'll pm it to you right now.

#5 Posted by RedEnergy (831 posts) -

and bro i was just joking but let me know if you need one i got a 14 day pass in my halo game case