Answer some questions for me guys.....

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I don't play online video games. Is this worth $60 for the single player mission alone? Can I still play offline coop with a buddy? Recent releases have disappointed me greatly. All the focus is on online at the expense of the single player experience. I know im the minority.

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If you like the Halo universe I would say buy it.  I'm pretty sure the game supports split screen co-op (you can confirm this by looking at the back of the box before you decide to purchase it or not...)


343 said that the campaign is supposed to last about 8 hours on normal difficulty, plus most people like to replay it on heroic/legendary just for the achievements, so its up to you if you feel that is worth your 60 dollars.



Derailing sidenote: How can you buy halo and NOT play it online; I'm pretty sure that is against the law ;)

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People say it's a 6-8 hour campaign.

I have played about an hour, and the game is great, but 343 clearly focused on multiplayer!

I would say it's not worth 60$ for the campaign! But for multiplayer, YES!

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Im not surprised. Nobody gives a crap about single player anymore. Something that takes 6-8 hours isn't worth it. I'll just keep running people over with a bus in GTA 4. Thanks.

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Don't listen to those who say its not worth the single player! I too am not an avid online player i used to be but then we moved out of the realm of modern day into an area of NO DSL OR HIGH SPEED. I still played Reach without the whole multiplayer experience and it was still really fun. I still return to it and play it, if its a good campaign its replayable. And halo is definitely known for its campaign and story and from what all the recent reviews say this storyline is supposed to be pretty good, that is the beginning of the trilogy. I would say buy it, im going out tomorrow and buying it after work and like i said i cannot play multiplayer now :( it sucks so much bc yes online is amazing but you can have a friend come over and play co-op, OR, if they still allow it you can play 4 player split screen multiplayer i do it with my cousins all the time. BUT, with a new company in charge i have NO idea if they have included this?

So what im saying go out and buy it, because you might as well get a start on the new trilogy bc when halo 5, 6 come out you will be wondering what all the hype is so you might as well go out and get it. And to those who say no one cares about game storyline...ok i mean they didn't make books about halo universe or make a live action series, and movies or anything!! Get out if no one cared none of that would have happened!