It's ok, but why play a clone when the original is available?

Ok, I just bought Fate for a few dollars. After a couple of hours, I'm not impressed. Why?

Because I've played Diablo, and graphics aren't that important to me.

Fate doesn't appear to have anything going for it that Diablo didn't...I might be missing something, but all I could think of while playing Fate is 1) this game looks childish, 2) It's a clone and 3) I really miss Diablo.

Now, it's not a bad thing to copy a game, and surely Diablo (or Diablo 2 to be specific) is a game worth copying. But if you copy a game, have a new angle, or offer something additional to make it worth playing.

From what I can tell so far, Fate doesn't deliver anything new. It has a lighter, softer feel than the dark and cruel world of Diablo. But seriously...the gameplay is identical.

If you haven't played Diablo, and don't want to for some reason or can't, then by all means play Fate and enjoy it. If Diablo didn't pre-exist Fate, then Fate would be a great game...

But the bottom line is why play a copy of a great--if not perfect--game when the real deal is still available?

For me, playing Fate was like talking to a girl who kind of resembled an old girlfriend but simply isn't for me. Sure, she's pretty, and nice, but in the end there is only enough there to remind me of my first love and not begin a new relationship.