Un-bloody-believably brutal action-adventure starring possibly the most hard-kore hardnuts anti-hero ever

The creators of God of War must be congratulated for making arguable the perfect game. While it may be hard to quantify what the 'perfect game' is, since everybody has different tastes and will prefer different games - the Classical Greece setting, the magnificently overblown (in the good way) grandiose storyline, the characters, and the piece de resistance - the final glorious battle between Kratos and Ares, the god of war, all make this game a contender for one of the best PS2 games.
When in the year 2020 we look back to the greatest games on the PS2, do doubt God of War will be mentioned alongside the other mighty PS2 games.

Plot - You as, man of pure muscle, Kratos, must kill the God of War Ares. I won't give away the the circumstances of why you have to kill a god, but its engrossing.

Graphics - Mind blowing, pretty much ALL the levels/set pieces/areas evoke the wonders of Ancient Greece, from Athens itself, Pandoras Temple and Hades. All the characters have great detail to them. Simply put, great graphics - and considering this is all on the PS2, year 2000 technology, makes it even more of an achievement

Sound - Music is awesomeness defined, superb sound fx. Special note must go to the Actress Linda Hunt, who does the moody narration.

Gameplay - Its just too good for mere words! It must be experienced!

If you don't have this game, just get it NOW, and play it before the sequel comes out.