should buy halo 2?

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people still playing online?
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people still playing online?B-boy
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Well the xbox live servers were taken down 2 years ago, but you can still use connect (or whatever it's called) on the pc, but the game came out in naturally people don't play it anymore lol. The game is still amazing, though. It's my favorite game of all time for a reason. Campaign is great, good plot, introduced new things, great soundtrack, good character development, incredibly fun gameplay, the most addictive multiplayer the gaming industry has ever seen, the list goes on and on.
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I just bought Halo2 for PC-VISTA. I have Windows 7. I thought Win 7 would play it, but it won't load. Gives message about " Live Gaming Failed to initialize. etc". I tried reloading, but no luck. What shall I do? Thanks for any help!
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Hello. I just got Halo2 for PC-VISTA. My PC is Windows 7. It wont load. Msg about "Live Failed to Initialize...etc". What can I do to make it load and play? Thanks for any suggestions.
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No one plays halo 2 online anymore.


Frankly I thought the game kinda sucked, the sound track is god aweful.


However when you could still play it on live was amazing back in teh day.  


Halo days for me are over, it's not a great franchise anymore, since 343 stepped in, they changed it too much for me to even see Halo in it, the Chief is too emotional, Cortana is gone, and they killed Sarge so really have nothing in it thats memorable anymore.