To say this game is incredible would be understating it. Cinematic, immersive, hard...beautiful!

This is what every respectable RPG should try to be. It pushes the limits of hardware. It immerses the player. It has a great storyline thus far. The gameplay, while it takes some getting used to, is terrific. The dialogue wheel is done perfectly. I love the characters, both good and bad.

The Witcher 2 is a dark, immersive, cinematic game that anyone who is a fan of either Action RPG or RPGs in general should experience.

WOW, just...WOW. Into Flotsam and the game...its storyline, characters, immersion just keep getting better. It took me a while to get the combat down, but once I did, I really started to enjoy it. Duck, roll, parry. That's the stuff. I love the quests. I struggled with KB/M so I moved to an XBOX controller, and QTEs became much easier to handle. So did fighting. Only gripe so far is the map and quest indicators (if the person you're meeting is in the basement of a building, you won't know it...SMALL GRIPE).

Triss and Vess are stunningly entertaining. Roche is one of the best characters I've run into. Seeing Dandelion and Zoltest was like seeing old friends, though Zoltest beat my ass the first couple of times we arm wrestled.

Just one question: is 10 all the rating bar goes up to?!

NOTE: This review will expand and change based on my completion of the game. I got excited playing it, and wanted to let others know that their money will not be wasted when they buy the Witcher 2. Unlike with Dragon Age 2, the Witcher 2 is what a sequel should be. It expanded on what was right about the first game and improved upon areas where the first game came in lacking.