HUGE improvement over last year! VERY Real to BASEBALL*

Just picked up this game and put it in the 360 and was just AMAZED at the level of work they put into this. I usually BUY the latest baseball game every year and play with the BREW CREW. Every year, I get disappointed that it looks like they put less time and effort on worse teams than Good Teams as far as batting stances and what the players look like. THIS YEAR MLB 2K7 was truly AMAZING and made every team like the BREWERS very REAL to their true styles of everything like looks of their bodies and faces and stances, and even as far as seeing BERNIE Slide down the HOME RUN Slide!!! THEY fixed the throwing mechanics and running the base paths as well. The batting is ALLOT more REALISTIC because the pitches are FASTER and the batters swing is also FASTER. I won't even get started with the graphics(AMAZING). WELL DONE 2K SPORTS for making this game the BEST GAME I have ever played*!!!!!