Kratos is back with a vengence. An excellent sequel and a fitting way to send off the PS2

Wow, I didn't think when I played this game I would walk away with the same feeling that I got from the original GOW because of all the next gen titles I have been playing. Well I was right, the feeling was even better this time around. GOW2 is very similiar to its predecessor except that everything is on an even grander scale this time around. You get amazing sequence after amazing sequence until the very end of the game. The one complaint I had with the first game was the lack of bosses. The developers definetely made up for it this time around by adding boss after boss. The graphics and sound are top notch for the PS2. The gameplay while it isn't much different it still remains as some of the best action in videogames. The only complaint is that Athena's Blades are about the only weapon you will want to use. The same goes with the magic, I found myself using nothing but Cronos Rage. The developers did add a part where you ride on the back of Pegasus which breaks up the normal combat and was a welcome addition in my opinion. The difficulty does spike at times but I still found it a little easier than the original. I really thought it was a bad idea to have this game come out so late on the PS2 but after playing GOW2 and the way it sets up for a sequel, GOW3 might be the reason I buy a PS3 in the future. This is an amazing series and other developers need to take note on how to make a videogame nothing but pure exhilarating fun.