Hardest handheld Metroid to date, also too short.

It's too short. But it's the hardest GB Metroid game to date, even though it takes less than 3 hrs to beat, you lose health quicker than in any other Metorid game. The graphics and sound are good, and the control is easy. The bosses are fun, and so is collecting every last missile tank, power bomb tank, and energy tank in the game. The lasting value isn't too good though. But the easy controls, cool music, great graphics and solid gameplay make up for it. it also has my favorite storyline of any Metroid game yet. The music is pretty moody, sometimes it's either too loud or quiet, but it is mostly quiet on suspensful parts, and gets louder. It works well this way. The graphics are top notch Gameboy Advance quality. Samus looks great in the cartoon cutscenes. (Another cool feature the game has.) Too bad it's too short.