Guwange Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Clear the game using Shishin. Shishin's Technique
    Clear the game using Kosame. Kosame's Technique
    Clear the game using Gensuke. Gensuke's Technique
    Destroy the Great Statue in Stage 3! The Great Statue
    Connected a 10,000 coin combo! Money Grubber
    Connect a 30,000 coin combo! Cash Fiend
    Score 25,000,000 points! Grind for the Gold!
    Collect 1000 coins during a boss battle. Pocket Change
    Suffer a noble defeat by Guwange-sama With love from Guwange-sama
    Scored 50,000,000 points. To New Heights...
    Defeated Guwange-sama without taking damage. The Subjugation of Guwange-sama!
    Destroyed Amagisu's final form without taking damage. True Diabolical Power!

    Contributed by: Guard Master