Death of a Game

This game was recently updated to a Version 9 Fly For Fun (NOT) on 13 September 2007.

The rating of this game is no longer correct. Players are quitting this game in large numbers and many more have temporarily stopped playing. Why?

All game servers are now Player Killer (PK).
If you get PKed you lose 5% of your experience and you can be de-level which does happen. There are penalties for PKing, its harder to get experience, you loss any items if you die even a Cash Shop item. You can’t PK level 20 and below but there is only one place to go above level 20 safely, so PKer are there killing any level 21 keeping them from leveling. Also if done correctly a level 30 mercenary can PK a level 60 any character and win. So you can image the damage a group of PKers can do and have done.

Kill Stealing is possible. You take the time to kill a monster and another player comes along and takes any drops from it. Faster if they have a pet (collecting from Cash Shop)

The fun Player vs Player (PvP) for dueling can easily make you’re a PKer due to a bug. So the chance of someone else killing you on the spot is high.

The Pet system that was implemented is seriously broken:
To get a pet you have to use literally hundreds of quest item to feed the egg to hatch your new pet. Once you have your pet and summon it, it starts dieing, losing 1 Hit Point a second and it only starts with 170 HP. You have to consistently feed it keep it from dieing or unsummon it and if you unsummon you loss any experience gained. If it dies it die period.

There are many other problems with the game if you what to know just go to the game forum and read for yourself. http://flyff-forum.gpotato.com

There are a few good things but those are hard to find.