Great, but VF4 Evolution is Better

This game is a great improvement over the Tekken 4 fiasco, but isn't nearly as good as AM2's fighting god.
The games features a better gameplay that Tekken 4. It feels like Namco used Tekken 3 as the foundation of this game since it feels like a faster and more pretty version of T3. It's like tekken 4 never existed at all.
It features great PS2 graphics and some of the scenarios are just amazing.
The music is pretty decent with only 2 or 3 really good BGM songs.
It's better that any DOA or Soul Calibur Game, and it can be consider as the best game in the series along with Tekken 3.
Still, VF4 Evolution feels more competitive and complex, but this game offers a better presentation.
It's a shame that the character customization option is limited.