One large hyper-stylized fight scene led on a thread, but all flash and no substance isn't always, a bad thing.

Final Fantasy VII is perhaps the most famous RPG created to date, and is often credited with allowing console-style RPGs to achieve mainstream success outside Japan. This success has also brought about the selling of OST's, models, cards and now a movie related to it.

The film is a sequal to the original game, set two years after to be precise. If you haven't played the game, then don't watch the film. Advent Children is clearly aimed at those in the 9.5 million who played FFVII, and they don't try to hide it. Expecting you to have knowledge of the characters and previous events.

Speaking of characters, nearly all the great personalities are included in the film, bringing back fond memories. The voice acting to each character is commendable, what with the game being silent to hear such a vibrant cast is quite a surprise. This goes for both Japanese, and the english dub. Though Cait Siths accent in the eglish dub took a moment to adjust to....

Visually Square have out done themselves. Always known for their great cutscenes, Advent Children does not dissapoint. The lighting, character models and effects make everything else you have ever seen look crap in comparison, yes it's that good. The characters themselves move very smoothly, with choreography that makes most martial arts films look like training videos for dummies.

The music should sound familiar as the movie contains several rearranged tracks from the game that fans will definitely recognize and appreciate. Fitting each scene perfectly i might add.

The one weakness in this film? The story. The plot is virtually a black hole, it's just there to string along the action scenes, and for that it does it's job. In the end Advent Children is a flashy, yet mindless action film, with some of the best fight sequences, designs, graphics and effects you will ever see.