Guitar Hero World Tour is a fully awesome game with just a few tiny things that are cons of the game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Guitar Hero World Tour PS3
The Good:
-A full 84-Track song list with loads of awesome bands and a great variety
-You can now create your own songs, characters, and instruments
-Drums, Microphone, and Bass now included, each with their own career mode
-Graphics are very good, and some cool cutscenes
-Great for parties
-Loads of famous Unlockable characters such as Ozzy Osbourne, Sting, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Corgan, and Ted Nugent

The Bad:
-Takes a while to load and save
-Some of the songs are forgettable
-Takes a while to create a real good song

Guitar Hero World Tour was the first GH game I ever got, I got it the same time as Guitar Hero 2. I only got the pack that had just a guitar, but I already had a microphone.

The First thing you notice about GH World Tour is that it has really long loading times. This was expected, given the amount of content stored in this ps2 disc, and it is pretty much expected from any ps2 game.

Because I wasn't very skilled when I first got it, in fact, I had only ever played it once before, I used the cheat codes to automatically unlock all the songs straight away. (I don't need the cheats anymore, I can now do expert).

I am pretty impressed with the songs that you can play in GHWT, you'll play songs by bands like Muse, Oasis, Metallica, Motorhead and Bon Jovi, and songs by solo acts like Ozzy Osbourne and Jimi Hendrix. There are also a whole lot of appearances from famous people, like Sting, Ozzy, Jimi Hendrix, Ted Nugent, Billy Corgan, Haley Williams, and a few more. These are all Unlockable, but, if you don't have the full band kit, then you probably will miss out on these great characters.

My microphone broke halfway through playing, so I was unable to unlock some of the good characters like Ozzy, but I did manage to get Billy Corgan, but he kind of freaks me out.

One thing that excited me with GHWT is that you can make your own songs. I love creating things, so this was a huge + for me. The song creator is pretty good, but it takes a long time to get use to, and it takes quite a while to make a good song, but, if you take a while, you can come up with some killer music.

The career mode hasn't changed much, except for the fact that there is about 20 venues, so there is way loads of songs, even though some venues are optional.

Overall, GHWT is an awesome game that changes a lot from other GH games, but keeps the same great style that the series always had.

Overall, 9.5/10