Guitar Hero World Tour does way too much wrong to be recommendable.

User Rating: 6.5 | Guitar Hero World Tour PS3
GH3 was my first real foray into music games. Until last month I had not played any of the new rhythm games to come out. Then I bought Rock Band 1 and 2, and I was blown away. They let you play at your pace, made revolutionary improvements over the past music games. I figured that Guitar Hero World Tour would push the genre even further. Sadly, it does nothing to forward the genre.

Gameplay- The gameplay is mostly identical to the Rock Band games, but not as good. The method of initiating star power on the drums is downright stupid and ineffective. The guitar portion has added a couple new tweaks, but neither are any good at all. There is the slider, which allows you to use a touch sensitive board to play certain notes in the game, but it hampers the gameplay when it is presented. The structure of the "career" mode is the same as in previous GH games. Play 3-4 songs, then be forced to play an encore. This would be somewhat less of a pain if Rock Band had not come out with an absolutely fantastic career mode. It doesn't look like they really tried much

Song selection- Awful, just awful. It seemed like Red Octane figured that they would fill the game with top 40 and old crappy rock. It seems as if they wanted a cool looking setlist, but they didn't actually test the songs at all. The result is 95% of the tracklist in WT being very boring.

The graphics are what you'd expect from a music game, decent. It does not really matter though, as the game is focused on the music.

I was hoping for this game to improve the series but sadly, Guitar Hero World Tour is a failure. From the awful, super linear story, to the boring as hell setlist, to the useless innovations, it seems The creators of this game would rather plug their sponsors every 10 seconds than make a game that is truly fun to play.