This pathetic attempt of a member of the guitar hero series hurts both my wrist and my soul.

User Rating: 2 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
This game looks good at first,you know, every DS gamer's dream; a version of guitar hero for the DS! Finally! Fortunately I didn't buy it though, my brother did, and when I tried it, I was just plain disappointed. The way you had to position the ds made your wrist hurt after only 10 minutes of gameplay and most of the songs weren't even that good. Frankly, I was glad I didn't buy it and I felt like my brother got completely ripped off. Personally, I feel like the guitar hero series should only be on systems big enough for a guitar controller to hold, instead of a shotty little guitar pick stylus. Next time (if there is one for guitar hero on the DS) perhaps the developers should take a little more time to make sure that one can sustain gameplay for more than 10 minutes before having to worry about your wrist cramping up.