This.game.will.make.you.suffer. its a great but painfully optimized console ported videogame.

First of all, yes, its a must play. This game is unique in too many ways, it has a great share of details and even though it lacks of action per se, investigation will get you going cause its too damn interesting and the stories inmersing.
But its not only adictive cause of its innovative gaming proposal and all new gameplay experience, but cause every case/story its really interesting, sometimes cliche or predictable, yes, but still its interesting, you WILL want to know what every suspect has to say, the reactions, what they did, and specially when it turns to the worst and the game shows a brutal "noire" face.
Its not a game for kids, it doesnt have too many "inocent" moments.
Also the ambientation its really great. The 40's never looked so good. Every place you go will give you something new to see (yes, there are repeated objects, but still, it doesnt lack of detail), which makes the investigation so damn fun and interesting.
If you are a "perfectionist" youll suffer if you miss the right question, so try to go with it, cause everything you do will give you a different outcome, just enjoy and learn, cause reloading and trying again will give you a great frustration, since youll have to search every clue and hear every goddamn thing again. and yes, as you surely deduced, i am a perfectionist, hahaha. But seriously, your investigation and detailed observation skills will be the key to find a liar, or vital clues. If you mess up, its because of your own failure, not cause of the game, youll have to look around all places to find the most important clues. (or just use intuition points to show everything... but seriously, try your best)

Now, this game is not perfect. Focusing only on the PC, this game goddamn SUCKS if your rig its not powerfull enough.
Optimization its something Rockstar doesnt give two flying f*cks about. Its exactly the same that happened with GTA IV and EFLC, its a messed up port with no intention to work decently in dual core processors. So, if you have a dual core, even if its an i3, sandy bridge or not, youll suffer the bad performance. (BTW Forcing Vsync its a dick move, guys...)
And the face acting, even tho its interesting, sometimes its too damn obvious, repetitive and predictable.
I get it, its the first one of its kind, but it would be great to not rely only in the face and nervous glances to see if its lying, you doubt its declaration or if its true. Maybe some observation or some P.I stuff would make a better investigation and inmersive experience. Well, just the overacting its the really messed up part.
Also (personal opinion here), sometimes you would expect Cole to react a lil bit less crazy when you go with "doubt".
Seriously, you can be talking smooth with some chick, then you go "doubt" and suddendly he freaks the f*ck out.
Start yelling and treatening the suspect with the beating of a lifetime for not telling the whole true after a nice chat its kinda... incoherent?

Final words, dont get me wrong here, i am hooked to this game like its crack, its frustrating if youre really are a perfectionist, or you want the outcome to have it your way. Still, if you have a decent rig, dont doubt for a bit and buy the game.
And if your rig kinda sucks, you could try rent it or borrow it from a friend and try, cause its seriously a great game and you just cant die without playing it.