Best RPG in the year

This Ship is awesome.
This is my second time playing Elder Scrolls games, the other one is Oblivion. However, I quite Oblivion after 6 hours gameplay cuz I don't know what the hell is the game about, and the NPC' faces pissed me off. Skyrim however, is just awesome. The graphics is much better than Oblivion and combat is been much improved.
I first started to play as a wood elf and after play through it for 30+ hours I quite the game and start all over again. It's not because the game sucks, its because the game is so good and I Fck up my character build, thus I started over again as a Nord character.
Overall, I am having a blast. The music in the game is Epic. However, Some dungeons do seem to be more or less the same look after after awhile, but that's just small thing.
The combat's been improved, although sometimes still feels like my character is swing his sword in the air like a maniac rather than cutting down the enemies. The new level up system is great, skills menu is beautiful as hell.
I got nothing, but positive things to say about this game. However, there are some things I am complaining about.
First of all, human some NPC faces still look a little bit weird to me, the biggest complain I have about the game is that the game has some frame-work issues after long period of playing time such as experiencing slow down. The other one is the loading time, it takes about 5 seconds loading time when going from one building to the another for me and sometimes 10 seconds or more while loading between cities.
Overall, awesome game, long ass hours gameplay. Other than the long loading time and frame-work issues I have no complain about this game. Great gameplay, gorgeous views. Must have for any RPG fans.