A great transition from console to handheld, but a little bit short of single player fun.

User Rating: 9.5 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
The creators of Guitar Hero take a chance by making GHOT, but was it wise? Of course! What will probably rake in mountains of cash whether it;s good or bad turns out very good. Supporting mulitiplayer battles and co-op, a wide selection of guitars, and 25 songs, this game gets a high score from me.

On the touch screen is a little guitar, focusing on the strings and whammy bar. On the top (left) screen, is the note highway and the camera focusing on the band. The game also comes with the guitar grip, with is used to mimic it's console counterpart. The only differences are smaler buttons, and there are only four. It's okay though because it would pratically be impossible if the orange button were still there. While playing, try and keep your arm a bit straight to avoidd cramps, as it tells you before gameplay. The package also comes ith a guitar pick stylist, which, in fact, does seem to make it easier.

The sound is great...not just for a DS game, but for any game. It may not be loud enough for some places though, but the headphones sound good as well. There are 25 songs, from okGo to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is a donside thoought, as it took me to 2 hours to unlock every song.

As I said,GHOT supports local wireless play, which is fun as can be. You can duel (like the boss battle in GH3) or do co-op, both of which are fun. In duel, you can set their guitar on fire, overload their amp, or make them sign an object of a fan.

Overall, his game will surprise many gamers, and live up o the others' expectations, and it is absolutely worth every penny of the 5$50.