A game worth playing for any Metallica fan

User Rating: 7.5 | Guitar Hero: Metallica X360
Being a musician and a fan of Metallica, this game is very enjoyable and brings back good memories.

Song Selection is good but I think there could've been a few more. Even the videos included were lousy boot legs - a few of the actual song videos would've been a nice addition

Game control is good. It does get hard on expert when you're about half way down but it's quite enjoyable (except for the really long songs). I haven't been able to try out Expert+ for the drums as I cannot buy the extra drum pedal in Australia. It's lame - activision won't sell the device outside N.America!

The graphics are generally good. The tutorials included are exactly the same from Guitar Hero: World tour. Being a metallica game, it would've been cool if the band members themselves recorded the voices for the tutorials.

I probably wouldn't have been that excited about the game if I wasn't a Metallica fan, so if you're not one - I suggest sticking to the regular Guitar Hero games.