The best Guitar Hero yet! (Even Better version of my review)

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock WII
The best Guitar Hero yet, and I'll tell you why.

Gameplay: It has a good storyline and you play the guitar the same way as before, but sometimes the whammy dosen't work. Like for example, when you whammy it may not work or it does it slowly. Also, the co-op is cool also where you can add up to your carrer money and get even more guitars for beating it.

Sound: The music rocks and it may be the best playlist so far. When are you ever going to hear a bad song, NEVER. But they could've hired voice actors for the storyline. Come on, why can't they spend a few more dollers on voice actors?

Graphics: The graphics are ok on the Wii, but they could've spent a few more days on the graphics. The graphics are better on the Xbow 360 and PS3. So I hope the Aerosmith game has better graphics.

Characters: They look a little different with their move to Neversoft, but they look a little cooler and mostly because of their new characters with Tom Morello, Slash, Lou, Elroy Budvis, and Metalhead.

Why I Like It: It is a very fun game to play and to play with friends, it has good music and I mostly like the unlockables.

Worth Buying: This is a good game to buy, it may be like a $100, but its worth it. The guitar of course is expensive, the game is even less than the guitar. Instead of buying another guitar, find a friend with Guitar Hero 3 on Wii and play with him/her.

That was my new review, if you liked it, please give a thumbs-up, or if you want, you can look at my other reviews, I'll try to improves those too. Thank you for reading.