D3 takes a deep RPG experience, and replaces the duldrums of repetitive combat with clever puzzle action to keep you in.

While challenging from the get-go, that only seems to fuel its addictive qualities. There's so much to do in the game, I can't even estimate how long I'll be playing. You can create items, capture enemies for their magic, even trap and train creatures to use as mounts. Every step of the way, challenging puzzle action drives you along, rather than the traditional tedious turn-based battles. The combat action takes the great premise of bejeweled and makes it into a strategic 1-on-1 board game where all of your items, spells, and attributes shape your performance. On the flip-side, to develop those components, there are challenging single-player puzzles to challenge your brain. So far, there's nothing boring about this game. If you can find it, you should get your hands on it.