One of the best movie based games to hit the shelves in years.

I was at my relatives house and my 6 year old cousin begged me to play this game with him. At first I sighed and said, "Here we go again. Another lackluster movie based game." When I started playing, boy was I wrong. This was the first movie based racing game I've played and it turns out to be a success. The graphics are decent, the car characters remind me alot of the Chevron cars, and the overall gameplay is a little above average.

For a movie based game, this was a little more than I expected. Some of the mini games were fun like tractor tipping and the pit stop game. The races are cool as they follow the standards of other racing games. The only disappointment is that the races were too easy to the point where it was no contest at all. I was in first place in every race.

I wouldn't buy it, but it is the best Disney game I've played since Toy Story for the Genesis. I would only recommend this game to gamers under the age of 10. Why? It is just too easy for a veteran gamer, but it is still fun. This is better than the Chevron commercials, and that is how good this game is. The best movie based game I've seen in ages.