Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity

Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity Review:

The game is easy to get into and has a very interessting storyline.

when you get a secret item it is very pleasing because you know that you have accomplished something.

The game has a very good part to it called the level map in which you can go back and play each level even when you have completed the game.

The storyline follows along the storyline of the very popular television series, Code Lyoko, also there have been specialy created clips just for the game.

The storyline is as follows - Jeremy and Aileta are rebuilding Lyoko, they eventualy finish, but suddenly notice that X.A.N.A. has created replicas of every sector on Lyoko including a special Volcano Sector (Which has been created especialy for the game).

So you must fight through X.A.N.A.'S evil forces trying to destroy all of the replicas and in the process trying to save William.

There also have been new monsters created just for the game.

I would give:

Graphics - 9/10

Interactive Gameplay - 8.5/10

Storyline Of Game - 8.8/10