The best game I have EVER played. Note I write this in 2006, but first bought Morrowind in 2002.

I have spent over 500 hours playing this game. And I loved every minute. No game has grabbed me and compelled me to play ever since. No, I do not play MMOs. This game was an obsession for me for several years. I write this review now, because I feel strongly that oblivion did not live up to the legacy fo the elder scrolls, set by arena, and upheld by daggerfall and morrowind

Morrowind, at the time I played it, literally was another life. It was my frist RPG, and I was entranced. For its time, the graphics were excellent, but more importantly the world they conveyed was the most creative and beautiful video game world I have ever seen.

The music was unbelievably good, and I burned myself a CD of it just to listen to it in the car. The sounds were all so immerisve, the world so incredible.

The gameplay was pretty standard for RPGs, but It was crafted so well, all I wanted to do was play morrowind.

Morrowind was released on may 2, 2002. It is June 1, 2006. I am still playing it.