You gotta judge for yourself

After some high scores on games i did not enjoy, I reassured the theory that there was money involved on reviews/scores for major releases, in my opinion, Medal of Honor is one of those cases, at first i did not get this game because there was a lot of people tagging it as a mediocre to bad game, but then i got a chance to get it from a friend who needed the money, and i found the experience really enjoyable, i have all the COD's and Bad companies, and they are all different experiences, MOH can't be compared with any of those, it has a lot of unique elements that make it worth the money and time spent.

The multiplayer may not be as strong as the first MW or BC2, but it's way better than Black Ops', that to date, has a some glitches and feels incomplete.

The bad part, is the usual EA's attempt to hook us up with new purchases, making us buying the VIP code (as seen with FIFA games & Bad Company's) to get all the multiplayer content, but as for the multiplayer experience as a whole, is totally worth the try.