The storyline of this game was good, and after the storyline was even great, maybe better. There are many things to do.

This game definitely deserves a 10 for its graphics and gameplay. It may be a bit glitchy, especially for ps3, but the awesome gameplay totally makes up for its occasional freezes and glitches. The graphics are phenomenal and everything else in this game is too. There are some downfalls though. After killing a few dragons, they seem more boring or like a chore. The freezes can get a bit annoying even though they have auto save. There are a lot of different ways to play this game. You can go hunt animals, strictly do missions, explore the land of skyrim, or even just go around killing people. In the end, this game deserves a much better review in my opinion. It's a good game that anyone can start to play, and not put down for ten hours. You can never be bored playing this game...at least for over 300 hours. Overall, I give this game a 10.