Same thing with some new feature, duct-taped on.

User Rating: 3 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
I rented this game yesterday, and have found it to be LAME. Neversoft seems to be constantly trying to add new flashy features just to justify us all paying an additional 60$ on a brand new game. The transposing, for drums at least, is EXTREMELY weak. The song list has less 20 songs that actually are worth playing, most are from "nobodies" that I personally couldn't give two craps less about. It is obvious from the game play that they couldn't care less about music, and are just cranking out yet another GH clone with a few new features tacked on.
The sound: I cant tell you how much i enjoy having the sound of the crowd and music surround me when i play music games through my surround sound. I say this because I am a musician. I have been up on stage playing to a crowd on many occasions, and I love the sounds ability to surround and set the impression that you actually are on stage. On GH5? The surround sound encoding SUUUUUUUCKS! It seems very much like they didn't even try to separate the sound for a full 5.1 channel system. AND, the sound level on all the sound is VERY low. I had to turn my system up almost twice as loud as the level I watch movies at. VERY DISAPPOINTING.
Neversoft seems to be concentrating mostly on flashy features that dont add that much to the game play. There seems to be only a token effort to get some more "Classic/Popular" songs and very limited DLC. And the song studio? well if you want a song that sounds like a casio keyboard from the 1980's then its great. If not, then its crap.
If they keep cranking out this recycled junk then they should change their name to ALWAYSsoft.

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