i don't enjoy this one...sorry

User Rating: 5 | Guilty Gear XX Accent Core WII
The game is not original. Its graphics suck. the moves are annoying and hard to exicute. The only good thing about this game are the vast differences between various characters. I guesss you could classify it as an arcade game. I believe it is some what similar to bloody roars, except it isn't as good. I actually can't think of anything else good to say about the game, even the name is corny. The wii truly let me down with this game. it could of used its motion ability in better ways. For instance in Naruto the motions are fun and exciting. Even in super smash your ability to whip the wii remote can be a little fun at times. This game should just be discontinued and never seen again. The moves are very different from other games. some characters are very hard to menuever. the moves aren't easy to use. the game is difficult. it seems as though your opponent isn't allowing you to get back up after a blow and is very fustrating. The moves are cheesy, like common'...throwing bubble across the arena over and over isn't fun and using a chain that never reaches isn't exactly enjoyable.