Order take-out, ur hands will be busy!

User Rating: 9.5 | Guilty Gear XX Accent Core WII
Unexpected, fun-packed, and very fluent. guilty gear XX accent core is something that can be pick-up easily without any trouble. from beginners to experts, my friend played for about 30mins for the first time and whooped by butt just like that... well i annihilated him alot, but still. it is not stressful and well packaged from wii to us.

from new style moves to destoying opponents to pretty designs and new features, there is something that can say that this game is well fitted for the Wii. even the add new characters give more spice and flavor to the table as you play through 20 deadly rivals.

want to work out? try taking a swing, do a 1 2 1 2 punch, you will burn some calories for the day. trust me some arm muscles will develop. From party games or challenge or feel like beating up opponents, take this game for a ride and release ur inner martial artist in you.