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User Rating: 4 | Guild Wars Special Edition PC
Guild Wars is an MMORPG that is only suitable for gamers who have other gamer friends who plays Guild Wars as well.

Without having any monthly subscription fees, Guild Wars is one game that will probably have many other players in it, but that doesn't really make a difference in the game because in Guild Wars, you get your own personal map when you enter a hostile environment.

That actually sounds good as first, it means that there isn't a need to compete with other players for a kill, or getting your loot stolen by other players, but after a while it takes it's toll because it will only be you in the game map and maybe 3 other NPC henchman if you don't have any friends playing with you, which is the scenario that I am in.

Sure, you may be able to look for a party to help you and put up a party search, but seriously, the chances of people actually joining you is really slim.

So in the end the game feels like a single player game rather than an MMORPG.

There is the PvP portion of the game as well that can actually be fun if you know how to play the game, and to do that, you will need to play the Campaign which is seriously really boring if you have no Guild Wars friends playing with you.

And the PvP focused character that you can create will be at a huge disadvantage because of your gears and lack of skills.

The graphics may be gorgeous and the story might be good, but what's the use of all of that when this so called MMORPG cannot be enjoyed as an MMORPG for players like myself who lack gaming friends.

Other online games that I have played like Warhammer have other players in hostile environment and that's good because usually parties are form in the midst of battle, quick help can be obtained if it's required when you are getting whacked by a monster and some players are around, this way online friends are made.

Guild Wars makes all of that almost impossible. Trying to evade from a monster is impossible because monsters can spot you from quite a distance and they attack in groups of possibly up to 10. 10 against 4, what are the odds of surviving... especially when 3 other players are NPC Henchmen.

Also Guild Wars has a map that's covered in fog like maps in Warcraft 3, unexplored area's will have a fog over it. And with all the terrains in Guild Wars, it's like walking in a corn maze, to make things worse... the game only moves in a 2 dimensional place, so you can't jump, you can't swim heck ,if you get stuck on the edge of a cliff and the goal is to get down the cliff, you have to find another way down which may take a very very long time... it's like a game of trial and error, the error will cause to to respawn back to the point you started forcing you to walk all the way back which really takes up a lot of time.

It's really terrible in my opinion. and I would really prefer going back to Warhammer even though I am a sucker for games with good graphics and Guild Wars wins hands down in that aspect, but PvP and MMOPRG gameplay wise Warhammer takes the trophy.