Yes, its good.

User Rating: 9.6 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
i dont seem to play many videogames anymore, but this game kinda turned it around for me. i play this game whenever i can, keeps me occupied. i like the online play, plus its free. i would have to say the only annoying things are when the servers dont function properly or the immature kids that start saying crap and drawing stupid pictures on the map. hate that. but aslong as they help out throught the missions and quests, i can get over it. i like the graphics, thought they arent the absolute greatest, the sound is well done and the story is long. the characters arent bad either. though you can really only change the face, hair, and hair colour. another great thing is the competitions that Arena Net stirs up. you can check some of them out at the website, right now, its a christmas theme, so if you havent played in a while, check it out. its neat.