"guild Wars is a pretty fun game only lacking in a few aspects, also the absence of fees is a definitely appreciated

User Rating: 9.6 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
"Guild Wars is rather enjoyable, even though there are periods of time when you just don't feel like playing it, you always come back for more. I like the game overall the graphics are ok, and the vast number of quests and things to do keep players busy. Also the lack of fees is a Major plus. I steer away from most games like this because of the fees, but Guild Wars provides the things you would expect for no charge. The interactions between players is good and eventually teamwork is imperative to survive, I don't however like that other players are only seen in towns or if they are in your party, this even with its few advantages, is also something lacking in the game, Overall Guild Wars is great Game and definitely a buy, at times it gets boring, but once it grows on you, you cant shake it loose