Excellent Game!

User Rating: 9.6 | Guild Wars (Special Edition) PC
Gameplay: the storyline starts you off in the seemingly peaceful land of tyria
and the crown of tyria Ascalon City. you have a choice of one of 6 professions with a 2nd prof choice of the remaining 5 thats 30 different ways to play the game. you have the choice to be a:monk, Powerful divine healers, warriors the battle hardened sword,hammer of axe weilding fighters, necromancers the undead befreinding dark sorcerers, elementalists the arcane spellcasters weilding the 4 elements(fire,earth,air and water), mesmers the illusionits skilled in the arts of interruption and the rangers the bow weilding animal-loving hippie type guys. the main story which has 24 missions (along with the thousands of side quests) leads you along the path of the hero's fighting against the charr, to the undead and dwarves titans and anything else you can think of.

Graphics: this game looks absolutley beutiful in high rez with the odd glitch here and there (not anything major) that are constantly updated and patched. the amount of detail in the flora and fauna is amazing from the single leaf falling from a tree to the horizen in the crystal desert then there are the eefects of every single skil that you character(s) uses. its easy to see that the team at anet put ALOT of trial & error testing to make this game the best it can be

Sound: this is the only con to the game. the repetative background music. you have about 4 songs for each stage of the game which when you actually play it is alot of fimmiliar music. but ofcoarse none of this matters when your hacking at the face of a Stone Summit Dwarf with your axe. there are about 100 different grunts for each profession and gender and around 10 for each type of enemy Thats ALOT of SFX. overall the sound of this game though was a little dissapointing.

Definetly get this game.