The third installment in the Guild Wars universe. Another Top Notch game

User Rating: 9.3 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
Guild Wars Night Fall is set in the world of Elona. blah blah blah.
Anyway, in NF( Night Fall) you get two new professions, Dervish and Paragon.( which i will describe later on).
NF is probably the most PVE (player Vs. Environment) game out of the current three. In NF you can leave an outpost with heroes - a new form of henchmen that you can customise fully and control more than the henchies. When you leave a outpost you can go to a Sun spear Scout which will tell you what creatures are lurking about, you and your party can then go out and kill the particular monsters for Sun spear points, points that go into a title which can unlock skills and what not, as well as getting Sun spear points you earn double XP for killing the monsters you are told to kill.

Anyway, as the story progresses you earn more heroes and get the choice between one hero or another.

Finally- Classes

The Dervish is a class that uses a scythe weapon and uses the power of the wind and earth to attack multiple foes at once. the Dervish's main elite skills are the ability to take form of a God. every god has a special power and attributes.

The Paragon is a holy Spear throwing warrior that is mainly used a party Buffing, and mainly looks like a angel when using skills. The paragon's main skills consist of converting damage back to the enemy or by protecting the party by health buffs.