Great Football/Soccer Game.

The Fifa World Cup is definately one of the biggest sporting events in the world. There is lots of world Cup merchandise inculding films, clothes and video games. The 2006 Fifa world cup game was inevitable and has finally arrived giving you the chance to guide your team to glory no matter who they are.

The game has numerous features such as Exhibition matches, Global Challenge mode and the 2006 Fifa World cup. The exhibition matches feature scenarios such as changing the time left, the score and how many cards red or yellow a team has. Also you can choose a stadium and your own choice of a ball such as the official or the global challenge ball. The global challenge mode features picking your own team and travelling round the world beating every other international team with challenges applied. The 2006 fifa world cup features the qualifing stages or the official world cup in the quallifing stages there is over 100 teams to pick from and the official 32 finallists in the official mode.

The graphics of the surroundings are poor but the player models are amazing and simply a feature worth checking out. There is also samples from teams national anthems and the official soundtrack giving an amazing experience.

The game is a great handheld and should be bought buy any football/soccer fan no matter what country as your country is availible!.