While not as unimaginably hard as Jet Grind Radio, JSRF is a bright spot in the Xbox catalog that cannot be overlooked.

Jet Grind Radio on the Dreamcast was a wonderful and immersive game. The limits of the platform didn't hurt the game, but they did prevent the game from expanding to what it should've been. Jet Set Radio Future is that expansion. It's longer, pretty, hipper and trippier than it's predecessor. It also stand as one of the best Xbox games I've played to date.

Just like JGR, JSRF has a very distinct futuristic Japanese style to it that really hasn't ever been seen in another game. The music is a mix of Rap, Hip-hop and punk melded together DJ style and kinda plays as a character in itself. The cell-shaded graphics have been improved and the gameplay has been tighten some.

Not quite a platformer and not quite a tony hawk rip-off JSRF carves a place in both genres while disregarding many tenants of both. You are equipped with super grinding skates that pretty much stick to anything pole-like and you have to skate through a fictitious Tokyo and Graffiti every thing you can get your hands on. You are also pitted against several enemies, some of which you paint other you tackle and then paint, but the many point is that you have the awesomist spray paint in the world (apparently it can take down a helicopter. I know this sounds silly, but if you are able to suspend you disbelief long enough to enter this fantasy world you will greatly enjoy it's seemingly crazy premises. Shoot, one of the characters skates the entire game with a boombox against his head.

With the tighten gameplay comes easier levels. Some of the levels on JGR were insane with difficulty, but JSRF avoids this and coasts along with pretty easy game goals (sometimes too easy). You can grind on alot more stuff than you could in JGR and a new boost power has been added that makes the levels even more fun to navigate.

The game is fairly long and it has alot of side paint missions along with Graffiti souls to collect. The only downsides are a few of the songs (that can get annoying) and that it pretty easy. Overall, if you are looking for a truly unique experience, check out JSRF.