"King Kong" for the PSP is a fun game, but only a small taste of the excellence that the more superior console versions

Peter Jackson's "King Kong: The Offical Game of the Movie, ( as dubious as that name sounds ) was a pretty great game on consoles when it released this last holiday season. Mixing great gameplay and apnesher, it really did a great job promoting the film and working as a separate title on its own. Now the game that was great on consoles it being ported to the Sony PSP, which is most definitely a great idea. And while this is without a dought Kong in portable form. A slew of problems, and a very rushed feel take away from the overall experience.

The scale of "King Kong" was amazing on the consoles. And even more so in portable form. The entire graphical stand-point of "King Kong" is here in every since of the word. Fitting everything from a technical stand-point in the PSP system. However, due to many graphical bugs, glitches and hang-ups. The overall look of the game feels very sloppy in many ways. While the enemies, enviroments, and effects look very good. The levels are plagued in certain areas with glitches and bugs that destroy some of the great graphics that the game has to offer. The game can be very pixelated at times, and the outlining in levels can sometimes show up, letting the player see threw the acuall level that they are curently on. There are also times when the glitches take away from mements when the action gets enthralling. Pixels will go in and out and look quite bad. However, other these feasible ( but crussial ) problems, the game look overall nice for the PSP. And the scale of the game is still very impressive, though not as up to par with other games of the PSP library. However, these problems do take away greatly from a game that had the potential to look amazing on the PSP. Yet, it doesnt destroy it by any means.

On the audio side of the game. "King Kong" still sounds just as amazing as it did on the consoles. Though it is just a copy of everything from the console versions. You will still here the jarring sounds of your enemies, Kong's amazing battle cries, and the emmersive, and greatly orcistrated themes in the background that lend to making the game sound even more impressive.

The one aspect of "King Kong" on the PSP that is most impressive is that the developer has been able to translate the game from consoles to the PSP in grand fashion. The "Kong" bits in the game still rock just as must as they did on the console versions. Being able to lay the smack down on the hellasious enemies that inhabit "Skull Island" is an experience that doesnt feel any less fun on the PSP system. That and the fact that the first person sessions of the game in which you control Jack Driscol are very fun and feel very intuitive on the PSP system. The game controls about the exact same as on the consoles. And is without a dought the best first person action game that has been released on the PSP.

While the gameplay is still as fun as ever. the main problem that takes away greatly from the experience, is the fact that most of the memerable moments on the console versions are not in sight here. All of the character interation moments in the console versions are not in here at all. Making the experience feel a lot more shallow then it did before. Instead the developer decided to take away these props that lended to these moments in the console experience. Like some moments when a character would help you moves levers and turn a totem-poll-like objects to open areas. Instead there is only one set of puzzles on every area for you only. Making the levels feel very short. This absence of supporting characters makes the story feel very disjointed and unfullfilled. And due to the developers dicision to only pick a small selection of levels from the console version. Makes the experience that was about 5-7 hours on the consoles, only about half as long ( or shorter ) on the PSP. There are also areas that have less enemies then on the console versions, making the game very brisk and more fast moving then it should be. Lending even more to the games short length.

The game also has a multiplayer mode that was added only for the PSP version. You can play a selection of different modes that can be played over Ad-Hoc multiplayer. Yet, the multi-player mode is without a dought a meaningless addition to the game. And one can only feel that if the developer had not added this mode, and focused more of there attention on the single player expience. The value of the package could have been a lot better. There is also a point evaluation of the levels that you complete, teklling you your scores and letting you go back and best them. This is an ok feature, though it probably wont be getting much, or any, attention from the player. If the game had had a online feature to let you post your scores on the web, then maybe the feature could have been more compelling. However, the one bonus feature that really helps the overall package is the ability to go back and play levels that you have already completed. Being able to play some of these great moment, such as the "Kong" levels, are a great thing to be able to take on the go.

Peter Jackson's "King Kong": The official Game of the Movie, is not at all a failier. The game is a fun experience, and the ablility to go back and play the game's better moments is a feature that helps the game. However, the problems that the game does hold are very serious. The glitches and hand-ups take away greatly from the look of the game. The thrown together single-player expierience, and a length that is ablout half as long as the game on the consoles, is a problem that really hurts the expierence. All this adds up to a large problem that really doesnt justify the 50$ price tag that the game carries. Maybe at a much lower price, "King Kong" would be a better sell. However, as it stands "King Kong" for the PSP is a fun game, but only a small taste of the excellence that the more superior console versions posses.