probably one of the most thrilling games i have ever played and instantley in the top 5.

An instant classic, mind boggling graphics, easy gameplay and a rollercoaster of a storyline. The games amazing features have been well thought out. zero gravity combat is fantastic the couple of minigames make the game more mixed up. The thought of having the players status not as a HUD but as intergrated in the game appearing as if its ment to be is an already used idea amazingley thought over with the use of the rig. The story line has many twists and turns and the result is fantastic. Then there is the graphics, the environment is very well done with good attention to detail unlike those bungie folk, nah just joking they're alright. Definentley a game worth getting and playing over and over again. I wonder if they have this game on space stations, hmm..., i ll have to look into that.

Have fun playing