Good single player - Revolutionary multi-player

I know EA aren't always right when it comes to games, given big Hollywood games licenses are sure to be a big weapon in the arsenal of contracts EA own but normally tend to mess up creating average, repetitive games. But give EA a game with a proud background of predecessors and EA often takes the game to the next step, with the under-rated Timesplitters: Future Perfect, EA have revolutionised multi-player co-operation. Storyline: You play as Cortez, who basically has to prevent the Timesplitters from destroying the entire human race by going back in time to destroy the Time Crystal, meeting some interesting characters along the way as well as himself, you play as a past and future Cortez. Hard to explain. Graphics: EA pride their games on the looks and presentation and with Timesplitters: Future Perfect, EA have ensured the game gets given a nice touch, but the graphics are hardly breathtaking, solid and dependable but nothing to make you grool in satisfaction, even on the PS2.

Gameplay: The usual first person shooter, what can I say. R2 is the shooting button and judge in mind that I'm more of a R1 type of guy for trigger and the fact my R2 button is a bit "faulty" at times, I didn't really enjoy that. The storyline is short, you can blast your way through it in under a day but when the arcade and challenge modes comes in you start to get going. With 150 characters, ranging from freaks, undead zombies, robots and sazzy heroines and muscular heroes, there's a selection for everyone. You can complete challenges, battle against a load of people in over 10 types of battles (personal favourites: Virus, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Theif and Assault.) The mapmaker is brilliant, make your own map, swap it online, create a story mission etc it's time consuming and with a friend or relative it's gaming history.

Sound: OK the voice acting is kind of annoying, some of the jokes are lame but I can live with that, kinda.

Lifespan: With a great multi-player and online modes, forget the short storyline, make one yourself and your own level with Mapmaker and an assortment of challenges and arcade modes. Gaming heaven!