Good game just not difrent from the previous ones. But still rediculesly fun.

User Rating: 8.5 | Guild Wars Nightfall PC
Exacly the same Gameplay
Exacly the same Graphics
Exacly the same Sound
Exacly the same Valute
And exacly the same Tilt

BUT THATS not always a bad thing (sometimes)

I must say I very much liked this game at its time and I played forever but then its just gone for me. The free online is a very good deal. The thing is.. if it costed money I whouldn't of bought it..

So if you want to play the same game again then go ahead and buy this. spend 50 bucks for something your already got then be my guest. yes there are some new things abilities people. but it doesn't seem... idk how to describe.... difrent i guess.

I hope you make the right decision. and don't get me wrong. This game is fun but... only buy 1.or 2 wait for guildwars 2 i guess but buy this game!

All in all this game Guildwars in general is a fun RPG game with free online gaming and player versus player action..

you will enjoy this game for a long period of time creating ur person in a fantasy world with desint graphics actualy but sometimes crudy gameplay but.. this game will be remmebered and played like WOW and Runescape.. even though I hate both of those games lol..

thanks for reading this review through now you can disagree or agree thanks... but this is just my opinion.