Worth the two years waiting. without a doubt.

I might be the only person in the world who isn't playing MW3 or Skyrim. but I feel the need to express the amazing, immersive, masterpiece that Bethesda has created... again.
might as well be DOS games.
Skyrim is truly, without a doubt and not coming from a single-minded fan, kinda, the greatest entertainment on your television. I'm a huge Norse Mythology buff and your in for a wonderful experience with this game, it's accurate to it's Norse and Viking roots, the Nords sometimes sounding like an SS soldier or The Terminator. I cant begin to tell you how amazing literally everything is. the animations, the graphics, the dialogue, the action, the storyline. it's decades of video games and Dungeons and Dragons coming together with some pillaging Viking and making the ultimate gaming baby. for future players who are considering buying this or MW4, this is your best bet. it's as close to the D&D fantasy RPG experience your gonna get. and it's not overdone in the fantasy part, even the magic, dragons, monsters, elves and cat/lizard-men seem real and part of the word, fully integrated with deep-seeded fears and racial hatreds. it's huge, massive planes, impossibly tall mountains, ancient architecture, hundreds if not thousands of years of history. it all feels real, and I wish it were, I'd be more accustomed to swinging a Steel Warhammer of Flames into some troll's head than working day-to-day at Wal-Mart.
all I can say is two thumbs up, ****, 100%, 16-0.
now, the question is...
who would win in a fight between a Giant and a Deathclaw?