Brilliant. Simply a load of fun, online (especially) AND single player

Call of Duty 3 is a game with tons of great Gamerscore acheivements, fantastic cutscenes, great styles of gameplay, and addicting multiplayer modes.

Needless to say, the Call of Duty series has always had a fun storyline, one of which throws you straight into enormous firefights with dozens of Germans at a time. The game takes place during the Normandy Breakout. You know you're in for a treat when you climb over a short wall in the beginning, only to be faced with a huge, war-torn Normandy where there are literally over 50 Kraut soldiers just waiting to deteriorate your squad piece by piece. In this fashion, the game does a great job of introducing you to itself. A highly notable feature of CoD3 is the fantastic multiplayer from which you can choose from around 8 (could be higher) maps to destroy each other on. Splitscreen on one console is okay, but when you hit Xbox Live, that's when the game really shows off what it can do. Ranked matches are fairly addicting, where you score points for kills and base captures you rack up. Player matches are also great, where you can jump right in to a quick match, or choose your own map and setting on Custom Match, or create your own and wait for others to join.

If you're a Gamerscore freak who wants easy acheivements fast, you may come to be a slight bit disappointed in this game, since one of the acheivements is to acheive 40,000 points total in ranked matches, and another to beat single player mode on Veteran difficulty. (This can be oh, so easily overlooked due to how fun the acheivements are to get anyway.

The single player, however is too reminiscent of previous games, but it won't fail to impress nonetheless.

This game is highly recommended to gamers everywhere, including those Gamerscore freaks, since you'll have so much fun you won't even notice. With high replay value and breathtaking graphics, who could argue this being simply a great game? Get this game not just because I told you so, but simply to fully experience the definition of first-person shooters.