The most realistic simulator of anything i have seen in quite a while

Well, lets start...

Firstly, in this game it is easy to learn the concepts of very quickly, although is challenging to master the game without using cheats (Maxis doesn't even attempt to hide cheat codes). Learning the basics is sped up by the addition of an almost pointless set of tutorials, although i have played the original Sims, which only really serve to introduce the myriad of new features The Sims 2 offers.

When it comes to actual gameplay you can see Will Wright made every effort to simulate real life, with the ratios between moods and their rates of decreasing being almost perfect, but i feel Simlings can get tired a bit too quickly when coping with stressful activities, and the game fails to account for the various anomalies of Human psychology.

Apart from all that, my only other worry is the music included, some of it is real CRAP