Max Payne 2 is an uber shoothing experience.

Max Payne 2 not only stands true to the original one, but in many aspects superpass the first title. Characters are well developed, the history is well told, voice acting is stupedous. Speaking of voice acting, its nice to hear an adult theme game from the perspective of a detective. Not only makes the history more interesting but helps to deepen into the plot.

The scenarios are amazing. You fight your way across rainy streets, abandoned buildings ready to being demolished, to even a lovly Funhause haha.

As always Rockstars gives us plenty of things to interact with. You can turn on television sets, and watch episodes of amazing tv shows. Dick justice. Lords and Ladies and so on. If you dont rush through the game and have time to see them, i garantee you will laugh to almost pee in your pants.

Bullet time effect is always impressive. As you shoot your enemies its very funny to see them being pushed with the force of the bullets (of course it is in an exceedingly way, but its fun nevertheless). You will always have plenty of ammo if you look in the right places and a nice variety of weapons too.

Mona Sax is our hero feminine counterpart. You will have chance to play with her as well. In the end this femme fatale will be in love with Max. Talking about the end, i can almost assure you it will be a surprise.

Some old enemies from the old will come back and be ready for some traitors too. In sum all you can expect from a good game.

Graphics are very good, even considering we are in 2011. Good work Rockstar. If you per chance play this game you will have a good time.