A classic that will never be forgotten

Hey guys, here is my review of Counter Strike: Condition Zero

First off I just want to say that CS is easily the best first person shooter in the history of videogames. It is fun and although you might get owned and may never be able to be a real "pro" you will still have some great fun playing this classic, even if you suck at it (me). The game itself is very easy to understand. If you are on the Terrorist side, you need to try to plant a bomb in the bomb area and win, if you are on Counter-Terrorist, you have to defuse or protect the bomb area. You can also win by rescuing the hosties. Another way for a team to win is by competely eliminating the other team. Which means you killed every person on the enemy team...then you win. Its all pretty basic in my opinion. Its CS's gameplay that set it apart from the rest. Counter Strike provides the best online First person shooter experiance out there, and it will keep you hooked for hours, weeks, days, monthes and even years.

Overall, Counter Strike is easily the best FPS ever made, and Condition Zero does a good job building on this classic game that really set the pavement down for some of the great FPS's that we enjoy today.